Think economically – act ecologically Vision Populations are growing - Resources are not. The world is out of balance. We need more power that is clean, cheap, reliable, safe and sustainable.

Our planet already has excellent sources of clean energy. After years of engineering, we have found a way to use them in harmony with nature and communities. We can light up the entire world with unlimited and affordable green energy. We know how to make an impact that matters.
With the Energy Agenda 2050 and the associated transformation of the energy system, the Federal Government has set itself ambitious goals. Among other things, it promotes the construction of PV systems in order to further promote the switch to renewable energies, because electricity generated from solar energy can be produced inexpensively and in an environmentally sound manner - even in Germany - in considerable quantities. The construction of large-scale PV plants is making progress and is offering landowners an attractive opportunity to participate in the energy transition.

and not only economically. As the operator of a PV system, you make an important contribution to climate protection, regardless of whether it is an open space or a roof area. To maximize your investment, you should not compromise on quality. Your PV system can provide you with 20 years or more of CO2 neutral solar power, if optimally planned, implemented and operated. With securenergy you have an experienced team of solar experts at your side.
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About Us Renewable energies are an important pillar of our energy supply and are becoming increasingly important - and currently more quickly than ever before. Safety specializes in the planning, construction and financing of PV systems - both roof systems and ground-mounted systems - as well as the financing of operations and maintenance. Here the quality of the construction work up to the turnkey plant handover is in the foreground.

Our holistic approach: When developing your PV system, we take into account all regulatory, legal, technical and specific factors. From the procurement of all necessary approvals, over the technical connection and the operational management, up to the maintenance everything is contained in our service.
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