Think economically – act ecologically. This is how we would like to summarize the basic intention of our company. Securenergy takes over the entire process from the acquisition of the roof and open areas, through the planning and construction of the photovoltaic system, to the turnkey handover to the customer. Thanks to our longstanding experience and expertise and the successful cooperation with industry leaders and experts in the field of systems engineering, every project is developed professionally, reliably and with a purposeful mentality. In addition to the economically sensible use of unused roof and open spaces, the newly installed photovoltaic power plants become a contribution to environmental protection. In this way securenergy is driving the energy transition forward and helping to protect the climate and environment.


der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 030-Holger Stabernack

Holger Stabernack

der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 053-Arthur Kopka

Arthur Kopka

der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 149-Edith Winsche

Edith Winsche

Assistant management
der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 064-Felix Polster

Felix Polster

Project Manager
der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 135-Yvonne Strzys

Yvonne Strzys

Project Manager
der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 126-Johann Egger

Johann Egger

Project Manager
der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 119-Alexander Timm

Alexander Timm

Operational management
der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 110-Amir Geranmayeh

Amir Geranmayeh

Project Planner
der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 102-Basel Shahoud

Basel Shahoud


Angela Marquardt

der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 091-Cedric Bathke

Cedric Bathke

der-gottwaldDE – SecurEnergy 141-Merve Can

Merve Can


Stina Kühn-Thomä