An overview about our services

Securenergy develops together with you a vision of renewable energy and helps you to realize this project. From the planning over the procurement of the necessary materials and permits, to the realization of the turnkey handover and subsequent maintenance of your PV system, we stand by your side. The coordination of all these steps comes with well-tried partners from one source. This is how we guarantee quality and efficiency.


Once a suitable location has been found, we start with the project planning.

In the first step, the selected buildings are checked statically. After static release, a first simulation is performed to estimate the performance and yield of the plant. Finally, the required network capacity is requested and reserved by the responsible distribution system operator.


The execution planning is divided into two subareas.

The DC area (DC voltage from the photovoltaic system) and the AC area (AC voltage for feeding into the public grid). These two areas are planned in detail, so that a smooth on-site construction process can be guaranteed.


If the planned roof areas are in need of renovation, a roof renovation will be carried out first.

Then the photovoltaic modules are assembled, twisted and connected to the inverters. In the last step, the photovoltaic system is connected to the grid and put into operation. In order to ensure high-quality construction, we rely on already known partner companies and specialist companies.


Handover of your turnkey photovoltaic system.

After the turnkey handover of the photovoltaic system, we at securenergy also want to ensure the smooth operation of your photovoltaic system. Therefore, we are happy to take on the technical and commercial management of your photovoltaic system.

Any question? We are happy to help you!